WildFire 9 oz Pepper Spray - Fogger

Wildfire 1lb Pepper Spray Firemaster has a range of 20 feet. Each unit provides 75 one-second bursts.
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WILDFIRE 18% PEPPER SPRAY is hot, hot, hot. Wildfire is 18% Oleo Resin Capsicum (pepper) - a derivative of 3 Million Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Contains 38 one-second bursts with a range of 20ft. FireMaster Stream.

The Wildfire 18% formula is one of the hottest, and more importantly, the fastest reacting spray we've ever tested. This spray immediately permeates the pores of the skin, closes the eyes, and inhibits the respiratory system. What makes this product so effective is the purity of the pepper used in formulating this product...only food grade grade 3 million or 4 million scoville heat units pepper used.

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