Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz with Chest Holster

Protect yourself when camping, hiking, hunting or outdoors with Sabre's Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz with Chest Holster
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Product Overview

  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: 9.2 oz (272 mL) bear spray contains 2.0% major capsaicinoids, EPA maximum strength guaranteed via HPLC laboratory
  • INDUSTRY MAXIMUM RANGE FOR PROTECTION AT A SAFE DISTANCE: 35-foot (10.6 m) range; outperforms the competition by up to 20 feet (6 m)! 
  • INCREASED COVERAGE / GREATEST BARRIER: Delivers 45 grams per burst in a heavy fog delivery
  • EASY TO ACCESS & LOCATE: Glow-in-the-dark safety helps you locate your bear spray immediately; includes chest holster with no cumbersome straps—does not obstruct the firing mechanism or alarm the bear with Velcro noises 
  • PRODUCT SUPPORT: 3-year shelf life



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